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How many rental properties ai bnb has worldwide

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How Many Rental Properties Does Airbnb Have Worldwide?

Benefits and Positive Aspects of Knowing How Many Rental Properties Airbnb Has Worldwide:

  1. Extensive Global Coverage:

    • Airbnb operates in numerous countries and cities worldwide, providing a vast selection of rental properties to choose from.
    • Users can explore properties in popular tourist destinations, remote areas, or even in their own neighborhood.
  2. Diverse Accommodation Options:

    • Airbnb offers a wide range of rental properties, including apartments, houses, villas, cabins, and unique listings like treehouses or boats.
    • Users can find accommodations suitable for various budgets, preferences, and group sizes, whether they need a cozy studio for solo travel or a spacious home for a family vacation.
  3. User-Friendly Search Filters:

    • Airbnb's search function allows users to refine their results based on specific criteria, such as location, price range, amenities, property type, or even unique
Airbnb has over 7 million active listings in over 220 countries. 394 million 'nights and experiences' were booked on Airbnb around the world in 2022. Airbnb has had over 1.5 billion guest arrivals since it started in 2007.

How many Airbnb listings are there 2023?

7 million listings Airbnb Listings Worldwide As per 2023 Q2 financial report, Airbnb boasts 7 million listings across the globe, reflecting a 9.9% increase compared to the figures from 2021.

What is Airbnb market share in the world?

Airbnb has market share of 29.19% in reservation-and-online-booking market. Airbnb competes with 22 competitor tools in reservation-and-online-booking category. The top alternatives for Airbnb reservation-and-online-booking tool are Tripadvisor with 41.04%, Expedia with 9.37%, Booking.com with 6.81% market share.

How many homes are available on Airbnb?

7 million listings Airbnb currently hosts over 7 million listings and is active in more than 100,000 cities across 220 countries and regions. It's not lacking in vision either – Airbnb aims for 1 billion guests annually by 2028.

What country has the most Airbnbs?

The US was the only country in the world to have over 2+ million listings on Airbnb in 2020 and 2021. Brazil had the second smallest decrease in listings at 2.9% and Mexico had the third smallest drop at 3.4%.

How many people use Airbnb 2023?

In the second quarter of 2023, Airbnb celebrated over 115 million nights and experiences booked and added a record number of new listings, reaching a total of over 7 million active listings. Additionally, they achieved an 18% year-over-year revenue growth and a Free Cash Flow of $900 million.

How many guests have used Airbnb?

Airbnb was born in 2007 when two Hosts welcomed three guests to their San Francisco home, and has since grown to over 4 million Hosts who have welcomed over 1.5 billion guest arrivals in almost every country across the globe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Airbnb declining 2023?

High demand. According to AirDNA, Airbnb listings in the United States reached an all-time high of 1.4 million in September 2022, up 23% from the previous year. Airbnb 2023 quarterly results also reveal that the overall nights and experiences booked at Airbnb grew by 19% in 2023, and their supply shot up by 18%.

What are the features of Airbnb experience?

The Airbnb Experience program is designed to help hosts share their unique skills, knowledge, and interests with travelers seeking authentic experiences. As an experienced host, you have the opportunity to showcase your passion and expertise while providing guests with unforgettable memories.

How big is the Airbnb experience market?

$1.4 trillion However, Airbnb in 2020 calculated the total addressable market for experiences at some $1.4 trillion, just behind its accommodation offering.

How many listings does Airbnb have 2023?

7 million listings Airbnb Listings Worldwide As per 2023 Q2 financial report, Airbnb boasts 7 million listings across the globe, reflecting a 9.9% increase compared to the figures from 2021.

Is Airbnb profitable in USA?

Becoming an Airbnb host is most definitely profitable given the industry growth rate. A 2021 study estimated that there are over 2.58 million rental properties in the United States that are seasonally occupied.

Is Airbnb still profitable in 2023?

Q3 marked another quarter of strong results for Airbnb. Nights and Experiences Booked exceeded 113 million, growing 14% year-over-year and accelerating from Q2 2023. Revenue of $3.4 billion grew 18% year-over-year (14% ex-FX).


What state has the most Airbnb?
Short-term rental With 32,597 Airbnb listings for an estimated 1.4 million inhabitants, the island state of Hawaii has the highest Airbnb density out of all U.S. cities and regions analyzed by InsideAirbnb as of June 2023.
Which country uses Airbnb the most?
The United States The country with the most Airbnb demand is the United States, with 99.5 million nights booked in 2021. They also had an increase of about 33 million nights booked from 2020 to 2021. This was a significant increase in demand compared with every other country on the list.
How many Airbnb homes are there in the US?
Airbnb has listings in more than 220 countries and regions. People stay an average of 2.4 times longer in Airbnbs than at hotel stays. The United States alone has 660,000 listings, the highest number of any country in the world. Spain has about 245,000 Airbnb listings.
Is Airbnb still profitable?
Is Renting on Airbnb Still Profitable for Hosts Today? Becoming an Airbnb host is most definitely profitable given the industry growth rate. A 2021 study estimated that there are over 2.58 million rental properties in the United States that are seasonally occupied.
What time of year is busiest for Airbnb?
Generally, high season is the summer or winter months, depending on the type of destination. For example, ski markets will experience their peak season during winter while beach destinations will experience it during summer.
What time do most people book Airbnb?
Most people book their Airbnb accommodations in the late afternoon and evening, typically between 5pm and 10pm.

How many rental properties ai bnb has worldwide

What are the best seasons for Airbnb? The Impact of Seasons and Holidays on Airbnb Bookings Peak travel seasons, such as summer in beach destinations or winter in ski resorts, often see a surge in demand, allowing hosts to increase prices and maximize earnings. Conversely, during low seasons, properties might offer relative discounts to attract guests.
What are popular dates on Airbnb? Popular dates are calculated based on real-time searches for stays, plus the number of available listings, so they can change frequently.
What is the slow season for Airbnb? Let's assume Airbnb slow season starts in October and ends in March. In this case, you would open your calendar to 12 months of availability in April so that a guest can book throughout next year's slow season (March of the following year).
How many cities does Airbnb operate in? 100,000 cities There are at least 100,000 cities with active Airbnb listings. 150 million people use Airbnb to book vacation stays or experiences. Over 1 billion guests have stayed at Airbnbs. Airbnb has listings in over 220 countries and regions.
Which city has most Airbnb bookings? There are over 6 million listings on the platform, spread across more than 100,000 cities worldwide. In this article, we will explore some of the data behind those cities that have the most Airbnbs. London tops the chart with over 71,000 Airbnbs, easily beating Paris which has 55,000 listings.
What city has the most Airbnbs? Los Angeles accounted for more than 44 thousand Airbnb listings as of November 2023, making it the city with the most Airbnb listings in the ranking. Meanwhile, New York City had around 38.7 thousand listings.
  • Why are cities limiting Airbnb?
    • Some localities have outlawed or put restrictions on Airbnb hosting for several reasons. One is that it takes away tax revenues (although now Airbnb works with cities to collect such taxes), or siphons business from traditional hotels that do pay taxes.
  • How can I contact Airbnb by phone?
    • (844) 234-2500Airbnb / Customer service
  • Is Airbnb customer service 24 hours?
    • Starting today, any Airbnb user who has selected English as their primary language in-app can access the Urgent Support Line anywhere in the world, and connect with specialized support agents who are standing by 24/7 to assist should an urgent issue arise.
  • How many Airbnb's are there?
    • Airbnb listings Airbnb has 6.6 million listings worldwide, a 9.9% increase on 2021 figures, but lower than the seven million listings reported by Airbnb in 2019.
  • Can I speak to anyone at Airbnb?
    • You can also speak to someone directly via live chat through their website and mobile app or with direct messages on social media. To speak to someone on the Airbnb website, you must have an account registered. If you want to contact Airbnb using their social medias, you must have a corresponding account.
  • Who is the air bnb customer
    • Apr 19, 2022 — Airbnb targets a wide demographic, spanning all consumer age groups. Accommodations cater to ages 18-45, while experiences extend from 18 to