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CoinPress – Bitcoin Prices Ticker WordPress Widget

CoinPress Intro

Because you have decided to check out this review of a WordPress plug-in, we would like to conclude you’re blogger, internet marketer or other sort of internet-based professional! In that sense, we have no doubt that you know about Bitcoin, a software-based payment system and a decentralized virtual currency also known as cryptocurrency/digital currency. Obviously, a large number of users are now listening to the updates from Bitcoin, as it is one of the superb payment methods of tomorrow! Since value of Bitcoin depends on different aspects, those users will be interested in knowing current exchange rates and growth (or loss) of Bitcoin. In that sense, if you have a website or blog based on Bitcoin or at least a business or economics-based blog or site, it makes enough sense to find a way to display current exchange rates of Bitcoin! In our endeavour to find such an effective WordPress plugin, we came face to face with an extremely simple yet unbelievably productive WordPress plugin – CoinPress! According to our experience, CoinPress is one of the best plugins that can be used for showing current rates of Bitcoin and this impression is why we decided to come up with CoinPress review so that other bloggers and professionals will be pleased to have their hands on it!

What Can CoinPress Do?

CoinPress Intro

As we said, main purpose of CoinPress is to show current exchange rate of Bitcoin and exchange rate would be taken from different exchanges such as MtGox, BTCe, BitStamp, Bitcoin Average and BTC-China. Of course, the blogger has the freedom to source any of these exchanges. However, what CoinPress does cannot be limited to this. The plugin is useful for some other purposes like showing a graph of price variation of a specific range (say 7 days, 24 hours or 30 days), different exchange rates for different situations like buying, selling etc. Also, CoinPress can show the highest & lowest exchange rates of Bitcoin in specified period. And another advantage of CoinPress is that it will display rate of LiteCoin along with that of Bitcoin. Now, as you have a brief idea about purpose of CoinPress, we will move on to the ‘setting-up’ section of the plugin.

Setting Up CoinPress in a WordPress Site

In our experience, making your WordPress site able to show current Bitcoin rate is an extremely easy task, especially when considering simple design of the plugin, in both administration and user level. Actually, we did not have to face any issues during installation or configuration of CoinPress. To set up CoinPress, you’ve to follow some simple steps. If you’re also planning to develop a wordpress plugin then you can choose wp engine web hosting. You can use wp engine promo codes to redeem huge amount while checking out.

First, you have to download CoinPress from the WordPress plugin page of CoinPress. Otherwise, you can install it via ‘Plugins’ section of your blog. Go to the ‘Add New’ section of Plugins section and search for CoinPress. You can finish the installation process in a few seconds.

CoinPress Plugin Review Step One

Unlike other plugins, CoinPress does not have a dedicated page. On the other hand, you can go to the widget section of blog and find a widget named ‘Bitcoin Widget’. You have to click on ‘Add’ button and you can see customization of the plugin.

CoinPress Plugin Widget

In this section, you can choose different details such as which coins you need to show exchange rates of, exchanges that should be used for sourcing current rate, different kind of data to be shown (like buying rate, selling rate etc) as well as preferred position of plugin.


Once you have determined these values, click ‘Save Widget’ and the plugin will be live in your blog in seconds! Don’t you think the installation process of CoinPress is extremely easy?


Features we Loved

Despite the fact that the plugin itself is unbelievably useful, we liked the ability show exchange rates of Bitcoin for a specified period. From the user point of view, this is very useful; by doing so, you will be able to let your readers get an idea about how Bitcoin did its performance in past week / month, which shall further help them do best in Bitcoin trading! Also, the UI of plugin is impressive.

Wrap Up

According to our experience, we cannot even find a tough competitor to this plugin! Such nice was its performance and impressive User Interface! Therefore, if you would like to let your readers be up-to-date with what is happening in world of Bitcoin (and get a bit more traffic), CoinPress is a must-install WordPress plugin for you.

Buy Bitcoins with PayPal or Debit Card using Coinmama

register on coinmama

Everyone knows that PayPal is considered as one of the trustworthy service for transferring funds from one place to another and lot of big vendors have already adopted it amicably. As you have landed on this page, means you’re bitcoins enthusiasts, and you know very well that PayPal doesn’t have support to trade bitcoins yet, so we need to use some other ways to trade Bitcoins.

If you see the history, then you’ll get that its really tough to buy bitcoins with PayPal as the transactions is irreversible and buyer may be at risk in this case. In out last articles, we have already menioned one alternative to PayPal that is VirWox with which you can buy bitcoins, and today we’re going to explain how you can buy bitcoins using CoinMama. The disadvantage of using such third party services is just “large commissions”, else they are good enough to buy Bitcoins.

Here are the steps one should follow to Buy Bitcoins with CoinMama

1. Register for an account with your real email address and then login to your new account.

register on coinmama

2. As part of their AML policy, In order to buy virtual currency through CoinMama, You will need to prove your identity. Simply by uploading 1 document, either a copy of your Passport or Driving License. This is mandatory step and one should follow this in order to proceed with Bitcoins trading.

verify coinmama

3. Once verified, press Buy Bitcoins. This will lead you to the price list on their Homepage.

buy bitcoins

4. Choose the amount of Bitcoins or Litecoins you would like to purchase and click on Buy now. A popup will ask for your Bitcoin or Litecoins address. Please double check that you’ve entered the correct wallet address, as Bitcoin transactions are irreversible.

coinmama choose bitcoins or litecoin

5. Choose how you want to deposit your money – To complete your purchase, choose the method of payment the suits you most and continue until the payment has been made.

6. Once we have verified your transfer, we will deliver your virtual currency to your wallet address, within minutes!

After following this 6 simple steps, you’d be able to buy your first bitcoin with CoinMama.

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